Introducing SiteLegal Check

TraverseGC is excited to announce the offering of its very own GPT: SiteLegal Check

This GPT acts like a law firm associate specializing in website legal reviews, with a primary focus on examining various aspects of any website for potential legal concerns. These areas include privacy policies, terms of service, copyright information, brand name usage, and other compliance-related elements. You can simply enter a website you would like reviewed and then choose specific areas for particular review: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Copyright, Brand Name Usage, or other concerns. The GPT will provide detailed feedback on the selected area, highlighting potential legal risks and suggesting points for professional legal consultation.

While this GPT SiteLegal Check is provided free of charge by the law firm Traverse Legal, PLC, we are not your attorney or providing legal, tax or other advice. This is merely a tool for information purposes only, but you should consult with legal counsel, as Traverse Legal, PLC makes no representations or warranties with respect to the output of the GPT.

If you wish to discuss with us, you can contact us directly at contact@traverselegal.com.