Opportunity Abounds at TraverseGC

We work with the best and brightest, so we are always looking for the best and brightest.

Whether you have in-house experience or have worked in an outside counsel role in private practice, TraverseGC is always looking for talent because our clients demand it. From start-up through growth and onto enterprise company representation, we want those willing to grind for our clients and this firm.

If you want to be a part of changing the way law is practiced by working with clients impacting the world, TraverseGC is for you. Like so many of our clients, we are growing and, as such, we need attorneys, paralegals, contract administrators, legal secretaries, and others who can provide our services. No matter your position, we want those who have the following in their DNA:

Lead in Thought and Service

Our people must be thought leaders in their respective areas of experience. However, having experience and being “smart” is not enough. TraverseGC serves our client’s highest priority needs, so we need team members who value service above self. In doing so, we want those who recognize that the well-being of our clients helps elevates the lives of others, their communities and hopefully the world.

Innovate to Win

Our clients innovate daily and so do we. We are not a traditional law firm, merely looking to run the proverbial meter on clients with the same solutions. We want to win, at whatever our client’s deem to be mission-critical. In doing so, we want to iterate our processes, improve our forms and refine our strategies so as to be able to deliver faster and more economically reasonable service.

Communicate Early and Often.

We are transparent with each other and our clients, which mitigates against mistakes and misunderstandings. Our firm and our clients value timely, candid and understandable communication. We aren’t interested in those with the “gift of gab.” Instead, we want those who excel at explaining complex legalese or synthesizing information in order to address ever-changing technologies.

If you think you have what it takes to work at TraverseGC, contact us today.