Here's Just A Few Of Our Success Stories

Success Stories

Treat Team and Clients Like Family

As one of our Core Values, we treat our clients like family. This means giving our clients the attention they deserve, when they need it. Being there for our clients builds a lasting relationship and one where we can be proud to have a part in their business growth.

Act with Character. Always

As another one of our Core Values, our clients look to us to ensure their business actions are not only profitable but also done in a lawful manner.




Interim counsel to a venture backed SAAS company in Austin, including 20/week in a secondment role to support General Counsel and the legal department with commercial contract needs.


Fractional general counsel to a private software company in Austin on a monthly budget to provide legal counsel.


On-demand technology counsel to a publicly traded company in Austin, including 20 hours/week in a secondment role to support General Counsel and the legal department with commercial contract needs.


Outside general counsel to a social impact investment company located in Austin.


IP Counsel to international SAAS company with monitoring and management of IP Portfolio including trademarks, copyrights and patents


Before TraverseGC we would regularly have to pay attorneys to learn our business, research legal issues for the first time and provide advice without the benefit of context. With TraverseGC, they have learned our business, our risk tolerance and the legal issues we have faced and resolved. As a result, we can formulate strategy and accomplish things faster (and cheaper) than before.


We got burnt on a deal and ended up spending significantly more on legal than if we had used TraverseGC to start. Now we have TraverseGC, and we rely upon them to review contracts and advise on business negotiations. They know our business, which ultimately saves us time and money when we need them for something beyond our monthly plan


TraverseGC has given me peace of mind and the ability to continuously look at the future as we have progressed from start-up to a growth company. We used to try to handle legal ourselves, but that quickly hindered our ability to grow as we started to take on bigger enterprise clients. The need for an experienced legal team became paramount. With TraverseGC, we have been able to get responsive, right-sized legal help at each stage of our business, with the added benefit of getting access to experienced business advisors, helping with everything from IP to corporate matters. I highly recommend TraverseGC

Past Results Are an Indicator of Future Success

We want our clients to know that we have likely successfully handled a problem or matter facing your company before.  We draw upon our experience to provide the best counsel and advice we can.

As a result, we can provide the legal value your business needs to succeed.  Just ask our clients!